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(Urban) Burlesque

Capturing the glamour & fantasy of classic exotic & Burlesque dance techniques; in this course,

you will explore the art of Striptease, Exotic and Burlesque dance styles.


You'll be shown how to strip your inhibitions without having to strip your clothes.

Focus on learning intricate, seductive routines incorporating the grace of classic Burlesque elegantly mixed with

modern high energy moves. You will learn to move Sexy and walk Confidently while dancing to the latest songs.


Beginner friendly, the techniques in this course is designed to create a Playful, Inspiring yet Unpretentious

atmosphere for every woman to encourage sensual expression, strength and female empowerment while

at the same time, helping you to get and stay in shape and work towards creating a better body.

Ladies, we know you want to!


PS. Padded dance kneepads are a must to conquer tricky floorwork

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