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Kindly read the below carefully as the stated terms & conditions govern your payment and enrolment under (hereafter "uzladanceroom")

Acknowledgement of Risks: I understand that there are risks involved with participating in dance/ fitness activities, including risks present during classes and activities, on the premises, before, during and after various classes and events as well as in travel to and from the venue. Some of the specific risks include the placement of stress on the body, falls and tripping which may lead to accidents resulting in, but not limited to mild or severe bodily injury. I understand that uzladanceroom and its instructors will not be responsible for any injuries or damages experienced by my participation in such activities. I acknowledge that I am in good health and physical condition to participate in classes and activities. In view of the aforesaid, and by my voluntary participation in the activities of uzladanceroom, I hereby, to the full extent permitted by law, waive all legal rights of action and fully release uzladanceroom, its instructors, employees, agents (Related Parties) for the loss, damages, or injury howsoever arising out of or in relation to the participation by myself in the activities conducted or organized by uzladanceroom including without limitation, liability for any negligent or tortious act or omission, breach of duty, breach of contract or breach of statutory duty on the part of uzladanceroom and/or Related Parties. Media Relations: By signing this agreement, I consent and give permission to uzladanceroom and those acting under its authority, to use my name and/ or likeness for the purpose of marketing its business to the media. I have clearly read and understand the terms of this agreement. I agree to indemnify uzladanceroom, its instructors, agents, employees and venue from claims, injuries, damages or losses arising out of or connected with, or in any way associated with the program/s. 


Private Classes: You may have up to 4 participants in each lesson. Please contact your instructor to schedule your private session. Private Class rates are at $100/hr, for a minimum of 4 lesson hours. Deposit of 50% is required upon successful booking with the instructor. Class will also be forfeited if 'no show', or cancellation is not made 48 hours before class. No refunds or credit will be made in any circumstances. We reserve the right to amend the T&Cs at our discretion, with no prior notice.

I have read and fully understand the program details, T&Cs and waiver and release of all claims and that the personal details provided are true and accurate.

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