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K-pop (MV Dance)

Loving their songs is not enough. One has to move and dance like their idols too to get the full on K-Pop Experience!


Catchy tunes with Fierce or Sexy signature dance moves, each course of 6 -  8 hourly classes will take

you through the complete MV dance choreography by the likes of K-Pop idols such as New Jeans, Blackpink, BTS,

Le Sserafim, EXO and many more!


For Beginners, Intermediate and even the Seasoned. Check out our schedule for the song that will be dance

covered to in our upcoming courses!


Looking for a fun and playful way to stay Trim and Fit?

Be prepared to sweat as this high energy, high impact course is a fantastic form of cardio exercise! DAEBAK!

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