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High On Heels

An all level, easy to follow, group fitness class where you get to rock out in your favourite pair of heels!

Learn how to walk confidently, master the hottest dance moves while sweating, toning and burning calories in class.


Singapore is a city where most women would walk around in their flats and sneakers and carry their heels to change into. ‘High on Heels’ is designed to create a Playful, Inspiring yet Unpretentious atmosphere for every woman to encourage sensual expression, strength and female empowerment while at the same time, helping you to get and stay in shape and work towards creating a better body. Don’t just walk - Dance and conquer sexy floorwork routines comfortably in heels!


Each class will begin with a dynamic warm-up and stretching exercises.

Participants are encouraged to come dressed in comfortable yoga wear.

Bring a pair of clean strappy heels (3” – 4” high), bottled water, clean face towel.

Classes will end with light stretching exercises.


PS. Padded dance kneepads are a must to conquer tricky floorwork


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