As the health/safety of our students & instructors is of utmost importance to us, we would appreciate if you'd take a minute to read the following advisory prior to your dance classes 🙏😊

Hand Hygiene
A gentle reminder to tote along your hand sanitizers for use upon arrival & once class is finished.

Contact with Others
Keeping in mind the government mandated social distancing guideline, refrain from greeting your

instructor & fellow students with hugs & kisses for now and maintain a personal space of 2 metres

during classes.


If You're Unwell
Even if you've been told that it's unlikely to be COVID-19, do refrain from coming to the studio.

Instead, inform us via WhatsApp & we'll issue you a 'Free Pass' code (6 months validity)

for use towards the next workshop* signup. 

Let's do our bit to slow the virus spread so that our health system can cope 🌹

Thanks for the read! Now, keep hydrated, take care & have fun! xo
Looking forward to your class videos!